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Arrange It All’s Year In Photos

The year 2023 is on its way out, and with 2024, we’re all set with new goals, new plans, and new intentions. Before we say bye, let’s take a look at some of the high points of the year 2023. 

While we are headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and have always been open to online projects across the globe, 2023 gave us the opportunity to travel to other cities in India, like Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, to help families set up new their homes, declutter their beloved spaces, and bring a sense of organized calm into their lives. Truth be told, it was a mentally and physically rewarding exercise, and we hope that the year 2024 will bring us more such beautiful opportunities. 

Now, let’s delve into this photo blog highlighting some of the memorable moments 2023. 


The first month of the year gave us the chance to organize books at a client’s home for their daughter. Books are one of our favorite categories to organize. Who doesn’t love an avid reader? And this young reader had plenty to dive into. It was such a pleasure putting this beautiful reading nook together for her. We used one of our most popular techniques – color coding – to bring a sense of system to the bookshelf. But we also kept the type of books in mind, especially series, which were stored together. Our best gift at the end of this project was the delighted smile on the face of our little reader – priceless! 


As a part of a home organization project in February, we came across a cleaning supply corner that was, unsurprisingly, in chaos; something we often find in most households. Of course, no qualms!  Cleaning supplies are such important aspects of a home, so we decided to give them their due! We used a couple of suitable containers to categorize the different types of supplies, and the result was an organized and accessible storage space that eliminated the process of frantic hunting for supplies.


Make-up supplies at hand and available for use at one go – that’s every make-up lover's dream come true. Here’s how we organized a client’s make-up goodies and applicators, using our go-to clear containers. 


Drool-worthy spices and condiments storage, anyone? April came with the spicy challenge of kitchen organization when the client was moving into the new house. Right from planning the right jars to setting it up was a pleasure, so that the client can move into a fully stocked-up pantry and a functional kitchen on day 1. Eye candy? That too! 


Glass door cabinets can be quite a challenge to keep organized, especially if you don’t have a proper system. A well-organized system is our A-Game, and we brought that into play for this client, whose crockery cabinet was neatly organized by our team, keeping color coordination, neat arrangement, and easy, damage-proof access in mind.


Craft lover anyone? Had this wonderful opportunity to organize a craft cupboard for a client who was unable to find most of her items. Finding something and then stashing it back would be a nightmare for her before just because there was a lack of system. There are so many titbits to find, categorize, and store – things can get a bit crazy. But not for us! We categorized the items and put them into easy-to-access see-through containers. Larger items were stored in drawers, and everything; we mean, EVERYTHING was labeled. It was a clean sweep! 


Summers followed by monsoons, and no signs of winter. Who needs winter clothes? This client was in a tight spot with their winter wear, wondering how to safely store them, out of the way, until the right time. Team AIA  categorized footwear by their sizes and use, and then tackled the jackets, jumpers, and other winter clothes. We also stored some winter accessories in open boxes. All the winter items were stored in one cupboard, away from the rest of the clothing and accessories, giving our client complete peace of mind.


We love a day spent organizing jewelry – there, we said it! But hey, it isn’t as easy as it looks. We customized this jewelry tray for our client to fit their drawer and enhance accessibility. We examined all the jewelry and accessories our client owned and ensured that the tray helped bring out the shine and sparkle of each piece. We eliminated the system of storing pieces in pouches and bags. No more wasting time hunting for your favorite ones!


A dresser that tempts you to get ready! We decluttered and organized our client’s dresser, placing only minimal items on the table and storing all other essentials within easy-to-access drawers in the dresser.


Hosting a party at home? A well-organized bar at home exudes elegance and functionality at the same time. carefully curated bottles lined up and categorized neatly complemented by crockery within easy reach making sure that your party runs smoothly, be it an intimate soiree or a casual evening. Setting up this bar in a house move project was a delight and a temptation at the same time. (if you know what we mean)


We were so bowled over by this client’s love for fragrances that we created an ‘aroma corner’ for them. Check out this spellbinding collection of perfumes that the client can access with one look!


As part of a house-moving project in December, we helped a client set up their kitchen. We had to arrange the crockery unit, which had high shelves. To optimize space utilization, we used shelf risers. This helped in two ways. One, it created additional space for storage, and two, the client would no longer have to pile crockery one over the other, which usually leads to damage.  Check out the neat arrangement and quick access to items.

In 2023, our hands were full of interesting and challenging projects. We did a lot of permutations and combinations to create optimized spaces and useful storage options that were aesthetically pleasing and served higher purposes. 

A big thank you to our clients for trusting our process and for giving us wonderful opportunities to create tranquil, organized, and decluttered spaces for them. 


Team Arrange It All wishes you a very Happy New Year!

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