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Living Room with Gallery Wall

Our Process

We provide a complete solution that starts with understanding the need of the client, then evaluating the space, designing & implementing the solution and finally provide guidance on maintenance.




It starts with a discovery call where we understand the requirements and your need. This is completely free of cost.




We fix an initial consultation meeting to discuss in details the scope of project, your requirements in depth, understand your space, take measurements, and also discuss the timelines required to finish the project. We provide the complete solution which includes recommendation and sourcing of organizers too.


We design a customized solution for you depending upon your space. As we start the project, we, require the involvement of our clients in the first part i.e., the decluttering journey. Post that we organize the space and you can relax while we set a system for you.

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Once the project is completed, you can sit back and enjoy your space.

We suggest simple maintenance tips and tricks which goes a long way in maintaining your space after we leave.

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  • What does a professional organizer do?
    As a professional organizer we help you to create a vision for the kind of space you want to live in. We help you understand the why’s and how’s of decluttering and tidying process. We specialize in creating a clutter free, functional and organized environment for you. We will understand your requirements and daily routines and create a personalized solution for you.
  • How long will the tidying process take?
    The process starts with the initial meeting where we understand your needs and your space. The time taken depends on the scope of the project you want us to undertake. For example, a closet space takes almost 6 hours depending on its size and a kitchen might take two to three days.
  • Will I have to throw, give away all my things?"
    Of course not. The tidying and organizing journey starts with decluttering. But that doesn’t mean you will have to part with most of your stuffs. We focus on what you should keep and not what you should discard.
  • You have organized my space? But what happens later? It will get messy again?
    We not only organize your space and put in place a system for easy functioning, but also teach you tidying as a life skill. We will help you to learn the art of maintaining it and our small tips at the end of the project goes a long way to help you maintain the space better.
  • Do you provide organizers too? Is it really required to invest in organizers?
    It’s a complete solution that we provide. We recommend some basic organizers depending on the requirement of the project. The organizers definitely help in maintaining the space in the long run and contain things. But it is completely up to the client. We suggest a variety of options depending on the client’s budget and need.
  • Is it true that kids can learn and be responsible for their things from an early age?
    Completely true. Kids can pick up the skills of tidying very quickly. We have coached a lot of kids, as young as 7 years old, to be independent and be responsible for their things. The response has been very encouraging.
  • Is there a connection between clutter and mental health?
    Definitely, yes! Clutter does affect our mental health, whether we realize or not. We need an organized and a calm place to work better. Living in a cluttered environment can cause stress, anxiety and can be overwhelming.

If there are any other questions that you have, please send it to us and we will be happy to answer.

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