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Our Story

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle – Steve Jobs


The quote from Steve Jobs aptly describes the journey of our founder, Aanchal Kejriwal (a certified professional organizer and a decluttering coach), which led to the inception of Arrange It All. 


Organising and Decluttering has always been her passion but it took two naughty and adorable kids to make her realise it 😊. After trying out careers across varied fields of banking and marketing, she realised her heart was not in it.


A break from her career, to focus on the family, also gave her an opportunity to introspect on what would she love to do. That is when she also realised the importance of organising and decluttering. 


When it comes to our kids, we want to provide them with everything within our means. In the process we end up buying and hoarding a lot of stuff. End result? No amount of storage seems to be enough! Have you been in a situation where you thought buying additional storage will solve the problem but it did not or however much you organize the house, it becomes a mess all over again – well, let me tell you that you are not the only one!


Aanchal went through a similar phase. That’s when she realized the importance of decluttering and conscious shopping. Isn’t it easier said than done, especially if it is about our kids? Well, no, it can actually be easy if we involve the kids in the decluttering process – yes, they might surprise you like they do for a lot of other stuff!


When COVID 19 hit us, it changed our lives. Managing office, schools and house without much help became next to impossible for most families. With everyone working from home, and kids attending school from home, the clutter around the house started bothering us much more. The physical clutter (believe us!) affects our mental peace and efficiency as well, resulted in increased stress, anxiety and frustration. Aanchal realised the benefits and importance of organizing & decluttering is a lot more than we understand – an organized, clutter-free zone not only helps us to work more efficiently but also creates a happy and calm environment around us. 


Her passion for creating simple clutter-free homes and create awareness on the importance of staying organized tempted her to make organizing her profession and start Arrange it All.

Why Arrange It All

At Arrange It All, we work closely with our clients to help them with all their organizing requirements – be it decluttering services; create solutions for optimum utilization of spaces or simply acting as a Tidying Coach.
The solutions can be imparted through one-to-one sessions based on individual requirements. We also conduct coaching workshops, across age groups, on various aspects of organizing; e.g. training on advanced concepts of organizing or simply introducing our kids to the basic idea and benefits of staying organized.
We follow a scientific approach towards solving lifetime of organizing problems by designing personalized systems and processes using established organizing principles. We have our own tools, treasure, toys, and trash (4Ts) approach to help get a better understanding about the concept of giving importance and value to things we love and discarding things that simply distract us in our day-to-day life.
Decluttering and organizing house/office can not only transform the surroundings but also your lives in ways that can only be understood after you have allowed us to create that ‘happy zone’ for you.
So, if you are someone looking to transform your life by decluttering and arranging your space and are pressed for time, or you simple don’t know how and where to start or if you are a working professional looking to increase your efficiency and productivity, or if you are a working parent who wants to learn the art and inculcate the habit of tidying in your kids, feel free to reach out to us.  
Book a free consultation with us to start your tidying journey and create a clutter free space for yourself and your loved ones.

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" Our vision is to enable people to create clutter free functional spaces for them, that truly sparks happiness. We want to create awareness about how much the clutter around us distracts us from what is really important to us and the additional mental stress and frustration it creates in our lives. "

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