Shop within your home- this Diwali season

With the festive season knocking at our doors, we all get super excited about prepping ourselves and our house/ space and make sure we put in our best efforts to spruce up the place. And why shouldn’t we? Festivals in true essence are the time to celebrate with our loved ones, to go that extra mile, to put in extra efforts, to create joy and laughter around us.

Festivals are like a break from our daily routine and a time to make things special.

Every Diwali I take out the Diwali décor from previous years like the fairy lights, decorative diyas, lamps, the fancy table runners to decorate the house. But my favorite go-to Diwali décor is Diyas and the orange and yellow fresh marigold flowers. They somehow add magic to the place. There is so much that you can do with them- make rangoli, use them as garlands, simply put them in a bowl(glass/brass) of water near the entrance, etc.

This Diwali I thought why not add the festive vibe to our house without buying too much, here are some of my thoughts where you can just “SHOP WITHIN YOUR HOME” to add a little magic and give your place a makeover.

Have you heard of window shopping in your own house?

Go around your house picking up things that you don’t like in their respective places. Trust me it’s a fun exercise. Now that you have a bunch of things that you think you can work with, try experimenting a little here and there with them. Think out-of-the-box and you will have a completely new-looking set up in your house for the festive season.

Move the furniture

Try rearranging the living room furniture a little bit to give a new look to your space. You can also shift the end tables and use the free stool table to add some plants, artifacts, and photo frames to add a little color to one corner.

Play with lights at different levels

See if you can shift a floor lamp to one side of the sofa and play with lights at different levels. Move your bedside lamp to your console or vice versa. You can also change just the lamp shade to give an inexpensive makeover to the place. Play around a bit with candles, plants and books, trays on your coffee table and see how the place just brightens up.

Photo frames

Change the pictures in the photo frames and you have a completely fresh-looking wall.

Get creative with Flowers

Fresh flowers always add charm to any place. You need not always buy vases for it. You can use the silver jug as a vase that you have been just keeping inside. You can DIY with simple rope and a hot glue gun on glass jars or simply paint them to use them as flower vases.


Frankly speaking, just changing the cushion covers can do the trick. Or just swap the cushions from your room to the living room and vice versa. Also, adding a floor rug and stacking good-looking cushions nicely creates extra seating and at the same time adds some character to the space.

Shop within your kitchen

Take out those trays that have been lying around, which you haven’t used for a while, and use them for décor on coffee tables, dining tables, side tables, etc. Some serving platters also make for great décor items. You can use things like cake platters to add heights/levels to your décor pieces.


We all have old sarees and heavy dupattas that we don’t feel like using anymore. Get them to a local tailor, or a lot of small businesses nowadays upcycle things. You can get table runners done, cushion covers, and drapes, or you can even frame an interesting print and use it as décor. This basically serves a twofold purpose. You are decluttering and yet using the items freeing up space in your attics, wardrobes, and bed storage.

Don’t forget the most important step. Help your space breathe. It’s important that we add décor thoughtfully so that it does not add to visual clutter. Remove everything that is not working in the space. It’s not important to add things to each and every corner of our house. Some bare tops make the place look bigger and brighter too. Instead rotate your décor regularly to make the place have a fresh look.

Do let me know in the comments if these tips were helpful.

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