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Case Study: Saving time through Professional Organizing

We all know that organizing your home can save you a lot of time spent finding things due to cluttered spaces. Sometimes, we can’t do it all by ourselves due to a shortage of time or lack of knowledge. This is where a professional organizer comes in. A professional organizer helps you organize your spaces. They can organize wardrobes, kitchen, bedroom, living room, or any other area in your home or workplace.

As a professional organizer and decluttering coach, we have worked with various clients to help arrange it all for them. Here’s a success story we’d like to share.

The client is a doctor and an avid runner who has lots of running clothes and gear. She also loves to collect stationery and has a lot of stationery on her study desk. With most of the time spent seeing patients, doctors have very less time for themselves. And that time is even lesser if you have to deal with a cluttered personal space. Her running clothes used to be scattered all over the place and drawers in the room are full of things leading to an imaginable mess in the room.

After assessing the room, we realized that the reasons for the clutter were:

  1. Lack of organizational system

  2. No categorization of the items

Here’s what we did next.

Organizing the scattered wardrobe items in one place

The client had a lot of running clothes and gears, which were scattered all around the house in different rooms. It was difficult to find the clothes that she needed because of her busy schedule.

To declutter and organize everything in its place, we followed a process:

  1. Decluttering

  2. Categorizing

  3. Organizing

  • Segregating the running clothes and creating a separate wardrobe for all the running clothes and gears. It made it easy to find as all the clothes and gears were in a single place.

  • All the other clothes were categorized into workwear, loungewear, and party wear. Party wear clothes were further categorized into Indian and western wear.

  • Scrubs are a doctor’s essentials, and they need them daily. Hence, the scrubs were also placed separately in the wardrobe for easy access.

Organizing the cluttered study desk

The desk was the visible section in the room, and it was covered with loose papers, books, and stationery. As a fan of stationery, the client had two drawers full of colourful stationery items ranging from coloured pens, highlighters, tapes, pens, pins, clips, etc. The stationery was mixed up, making it difficult to find small things.

How we organized it:

  • To clear the desk, papers and books lying on the desk were organized in a basket.

  • Stationery drawers with compartments: All the stationery was organized in compartments in the drawer.

  • With a lot of post-it notes, a separate drawer was designated for post-it notes.

Categorizing and organizing the jewellery and hair accessories section

The jewellery and hair accessories were randomly put in the drawers, which made it a mess and all the items were not in the sight.

How we organized it:

  • A jewellery organizer with compartments was used to segregate the jewellery items. All jewellery items were arranged in such a way that all the items could be seen. The client was happy that now she could see all the jewellery items she has and could easily pick and match one to her outfit for the day.

  • Hair accessories were categorized and put separately in boxes in the drawer. With hair pins, scrunchies and hairbands, and hair clutchers in separate boxes, it became easier to find items quickly.

  • The items in the dresser were categorized and bottles were placed in baskets. Transparent makeup organizers were used for storing makeup brushes, lipstick, nail paints, kajal, etc.

Clearing the unnecessary items from the bookshelf

Bookshelves were used as a multipurpose storage option with miscellaneous items like sunglass cases, shoes, etc lying in there.

How we organized it:

  • Removed the miscellaneous items from the bookshelf.

  • Arranged the books by sorting and placing the same colour books together.

Organizing the bedside drawers

The bedside drawers can be the dump yard for items lying around in the bedroom. This was the last organizing section.

How we organized it:

  • We removed unnecessary items from the drawer.

  • Kept only essential items that the client may need when retiring for the night such as remote, glasses, chargers, etc.

We even managed an empty drawer at the end of the decluttering and organizing process which can be used later for storage.

The impact

With an organization system in place, the spaces were arranged and the room was cleared of mess. Clearing up the space not only helped the client clean physically but also mentally, which had a calming effect on her mind. The client was extremely happy to be able to see all the things she owned in her sight and to have saved time from having to find things.

This is how we helped our client with a super busy schedule save time spent finding the scattered and cluttered items through professional organizing.

If you also have a super busy life and need to organize your wardrobe, cabinets, or anything, you can take help from a professional organizer. Connect with us for a personalized solution for your space.

Did you know organizing has other physical and mental health benefits as well:

  • It improves your focus

  • It helps in uplifting your mood

  • It reduces stress

How organizing has helped you? Do tell us in the comments below!

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